Discover our range of Akeobots.

Picking, Assembly, Quality Control, Inspection, Machinning, choose what you want to do with your Akeobot.

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AkeoBot High-Tech

With two robots IIWA and embedded cameras in every arms. 

Use the most powerfull and advanced industrial dual arm cobot in the world.

AkeoBot Performance

With only one arm and its embedded camera, this robot allow all the interactions and smart learning from the Akeobot products.

This is the right product to prototype small functions and be flexible on small productions.

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Akeobot Light

This Akéobot allow a simple and basic pick and place system with automatic recalibration and torque control.

If you only need pick and place feature with true collaboration with a worker this is the right product for you.

Akeobot Soft

This Akéobot provide two Universal Robot 10 kg with embedded cameras.

You need low cost and no cooperation feature, this is your product.

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AkeoBot Compact

With one UR10 and its cameras, find the compromise in price and flexibility with Akéobot.

AkeoBot Basic

The simplest Akeobot, with all integrated inside. Allow simple pick and place at the lowest price and simple configuration on the market.

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