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Le Progrès Ain - 03/05/2016

" Robots do not replace human, it allows him to concentrate on value-added tasks." The founder of Akéo Plus in 2006, Stéphane Morel, is convinced that his robots with artificial intelligence announce the companies of the future ... "This is what we want to propose, solutions for future industry, intelligent, connected, with logistics, the web, direct order ...", confirms Thomas Faguet, marketing manager of Akéo Plus.

- Patrice Gagant

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Innovation Review - 01/03/2016

"... Akeo Plus developed the AKEOBot range, robots which learn sequences of gestures, such as grabbing and taking a picture without having to be programmed. "The operator configures the robot himself. Before, it was necessary to ask the intervention of the internal robotician, when it existed, "explains Thomas Faguet, marketing manager at Akeo Plus."

Florent Detroy