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ColRobot is a European Research Project focusing on the collaborative robotics issues in an industrial environment. The project brings together industrial players and academic researchers from 11 EU countries with the aim of developing a high-level technological maturity cobotic platform. This platform is targeting the automotive and aeronautical sectors on assembling, kitting and preparation tasks tools. 

Akeoplus handles 2 work units :

  • The first one dedicated to localization, navigation and gripping - through its work of integration of different sensor technologies, and the design of a gripper.
  • The second one, dedicated to the communication around project and perpetuation - through the marketing team, in charge of building business plan and managing training induced by technologies.
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AKEOPLUS is the leading company of the french FUI project P-RC2.

The main objective is to create a collaborative software environment dedicated to robotics. It integrates a standard description of robotic controllers, tools required for architecture and algorithms integration, with the aim of allowing designers to focus on the essentials: improving their application.




SkillPro is an FP7 research project funded by the European Commission. SkillPro objective is to bring intelligence to the systems, and to make industrial applications reconfigurable. SkillPro is designed for 4.0 production systems, and allows the collaboration between the material and immaterial elements.


Skill Pro

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Projet TRAC

La Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes soutien AKEOPLUS dans ses projets de R&D, et plus particulièrement dans le cadre du projet TRAC.

TRAC propose un système de contrôle qualité intégré, générique et apprenant, pour la détection de défauts d’aspect sur tous types de produits. Les secteurs d'application sont l’automobile, la plasturgie, la sidérurgie, l’électronique, l’industrie des semi-conducteurs ou encore le pharmaceutique, l’ameublement. 

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