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Smart industry solutions provider

Akeoplus is a leading actor in the vision and solutions provider of smart machines to reach the objectives of the next industrial revolution.

Improve your company wealth

By solving those problems:


Improve the value of your workers


Adapt your production quickly


Teach new features to your machine by yourself

Integrate your new 4.0 colleague

Akeoplus provide new kind of machine which are sensitives, collaborative, flexible, reconfigurable and cognitive.

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What is your R.O.I???

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Added value on your collaborators

By decharging your collaborators from the repetitive and unvaluable tasks, they are more productive and spend more time on high level tasks. 

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Less penibility

Work accidents, musculo skeletal disorders, repetitive tasks are always sources of workers deseases. 

With Akeoplus solutions you can improve the well being of your colleague.  

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Fiability and tracability

Repetitive and difficult task implies deconcentration and loss in quality. Tracability take time.

With our autonomous and connected solutions you retrieve what you lost.