Akeoplus propose its products now !

We synthetise our customers problems and created products that fit their needs and can be adapted to any kind of applications.


Collaborative robot : AKEOBot 

AKEOBot is a complete standard solution personalised to your need: for picking, control, machining...

Controled by AKEOSpine, all componants are synchronised with the robotic arm throught the same interface (sensors, PLC, grippers...). User can teach & re-teach new robot trajectories, new controls or other new actions to fit your process or production changes.

If you are looking for new ways of collaboration between humans and robots, the AKEOBot coworker by Akeoplus has been created for you.

You do not need any security cages, you save place and save money and improve your collaborators value and productivity.

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AkeoBI is a solution which allows Glue Deposit Control in real time: direct benefits are better reliability and traceability.

In addition to that, system is fully configurable to meet your specific needs. It locates defects to allow operators to quickly intervene and correct.

It is composed by:

- A casing which is directly compatible with your current application gun, fixed on gibbets or embedded on robots.

- In the casing, a vision sensor for a full control around the bead deposit, and with configurable LEDs lighting to control any kind of glue deposition and color support.

- A software, AkeoGlueInspector, which drives up to 2 robots and 4 sensors.

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AGV : AkeoMotion

Akeoplus provide now its own pannel of AGV from basic to high tech.

On our AGV the size, payload, or almost any parameters can be configurated by your needs.

The interoperability between the AkeoMotion systems and the Akeoplus software, allow a full interaction between our robots, feeders, machines, and AGV for a global solution for the futur factory.


Akeoplus develop his own feeder in three different size in order to anwser any kind of customer request.

Those products allow feeding robots or conveyors for several applications.

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