Configure your robotic solution easily.

Thanks to our software AKEOSpine, you can create your own robotic application.

We give you a tool to robotise your expertise !


AkeoSpine is the base of all the software developped by Akeoplus. 

It provides the main features needed to control a robotic application and have the communications and reports dedicated to your environment.

With this application you can learn new references and teach to the machine the new tasks that it has to execute.

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AKEOBrain is a revolutionary approach for inspection, classification and aspect defects detection. It allows users to teach directly to the machine what is a good part or a bad part by classifying them.

After enough exemples learned, the algorithms are trained to match the taught defects and then the system can be use directly with others parts.

If a new default appears or was not known, you just have to re-teach new data on the teaching process, and to start another training to create your new model with new data. No more need of complex update from you integrator.

For a fully industrial application, you can send your model anytime you want on AKEOBrain Box, to control your parts directly on a production line.

Our current compatible brands

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AKEOBrain for all your application:
  • Metallurgy
  • Plastics
  • Textile
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Luxury...

You can now test AKEOBrain directly on the web platform FOR FREE:, for your aspect defects and classification needs. You just have to surround what you want to classify, we train your model and you can control your images!



With AkeoRoboticist, you will create your own program like a real robot programmer.

With this intuitive interface you can create robot sequences, switch on or off lights, make cameras or sensors snapshot, starts vision controls, etc. 

Everuthing stay under your control in a total safety, and you can make your system evolve at the rythim that you want. 

Our current compatible brands

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AkeoControl is a dedicated software to teach vision control to your machine.

Take the picture with your robot, show the place where the system have to execute its control and then configure some parameters and its done !!! 

Your system knows what it has to do.

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