Privacy policy

Data collection for statistics purposes

Akeo Plus measures, by way of example and without limitation, the number of pages viewed, number of visits, and navigation route of visitors in order to improve performance of the website. For this purpose, the issued and log files stored on the server are used for statistical analysis of the website.

Log files – stored for 13 months at most – keep track of the IP address of the visitor and their navigation route.

Legal information Privacy policy

You may consult the website without revealing your identity or any other personal information.

On the website you have the option to contact Akeo Plus and / or its subsidiaries by filling out an electronic form. As part of using forms, in order to be able reply to you, we ask for mandatory and/or optional personal information such as your name, physical address, email address, etc.
Not completing the available fields will not affect your visit, but Akeo Plus will therefore not be able to contact or reply to you. This information will be used only to reply by appropriate means, for example (but without limitation) mail, telephone, or email.
In any case, Akeo Plus and its subsidiaries are committed to respecting the confidentiality of information provided by visitors to the website. Akeo Plus does not disclose to third parties information provided by visitors.
To meet your requests, the transfer of your personal data to Akeo Plus subsidiaries outside France is likely. These subsidiaries comply with the French “Computer and Freedom Act” of January 6, 1978 and European Directive 97/66/EC.

Any other information requested is optional and meant solely to provide information on your needs and wishes so that we may improve our web-based services.

The information, which is for use by Akeo Plus, may also be used in connection with sales or marketing campaigns or as a basis for research and analysis.

With regard to personal information that you may submit, you have the right to access the information and correct any errors in accordance with French Freedom of Information legislation concerning personal data files (Act No. 78-17 dated January 6, 1978). You may exercise your rights by sending a letter to: Akeo Plus – Communication Department, 769 Rue de l’Outarde – 01500 Château-Gaillard, France or via e-mail:

Intellectual property rights

This website has been made public by Akeo Plus for information purposes only. No commercial use may be made of any data, whether in whole or in part, presented on this site, without the prior written permission of Akeo Plus.
Taken together, the presentation and content of this site constitute a work of intellectual property belonging to Akeo Plus and, as such, are protected by the laws in force. No reproduction and/or representation, be it whole or in part, may be made of this site without the prior written permission of Akeo Plus.

Akeo Plus, brand names and logos, as well as the slogans used, are registered trademarks unless otherwise stated. All reproduction, use, and/or modification made without the prior written permission of Akeo Plus, is liable to constitute an infringement of copyright.

Drawings, photographs, images, texts, video sequences, with or without sound, and other documents posted on the current website are subject to industrial and/or intellectual property laws and, as such, are the property of Akeo Plus or of a third party having granted Akeo Plus limited permission to use them.

As such, any reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation, and/or transformation, be it whole or in part, or transfer to another site are prohibited.

These items may be copied for private use. Reproduction of these items, be it whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Akeo Plus, is strictly prohibited, with the exception of that performed in accordance with the needs of the information media.


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