Aerospace robot for industrial application

Double Robot cell for Installation of thermal-glued mirrors on satellite panels

This aerospace robot was a world first and a great success story !

Drawing on our technological and sectoral expertise, we supported this innovative client in its project with an aerospace robot for mirrors deposition.


To accelerate the production of very small series of satellite panels, in a context of ultra quality/traceability and dependence on highly qualified profiles

Aerospace robot are deposing mirrors on satellite pannels

Customer issue

  • Managing repetitive and high-precision operations (approximately 7,000 pieces to be glued and deposited) per panel

  • Adapting to near-unit production

  • Handling large, high-value parts

  • Working in a clean room environment

Kuka KR60 with end robot effector

AKEOPLUS solution

  • Propose an automated solution for the removal of satellite mirrors, including 2 robots working simultaneously to ensure cycle time

  • Develop and integrate advanced control software for synchronizing actions, traceability and safety of satellite panels

Aerospace robot is using mirrors for satellite construction


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