Robot space industry for high accuracy operation

Robot in space industry for high accuracy operations

Quality and traceability were major issues for our customer, we met its needs with a robot for the space industry !

Drawing on our technological and sectoral expertise, we supported this innovative client in its project with a robot for space industry solution ! 


To enable the production rate to be increased for high-value-added products, while ensuring quality and traceability at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Robot space industry for high accuracy operation

Customer issue

  • Managing repetitive and highly precise operations (around 5,000 parts to be inserted and screwed onto a single panel)
  • Dependence on highly qualified profiles
  • Adapting to quasi-unitary production
  • Managing large high-value parts
  • Adapting to a clean room environment
Insert deposition


  • Provide a end-to-end solution that ensures the precise positioning of inserts, by a robot, in front of a housing
  • Provide a reliable flush control technology
  • Provide unique advanced control software and intelligence for the synchronization of actions traceability, and security of satellite panels
Robot space industry for high accuracy operation


AKEOPLUS, the first 360° robotic agency, brings together a team of experts specialized in robotics and industrial vision. With nearly 20 years of experience and primarily composed of engineers and PhDs, we closely collaborate with end-users and integrators, designing pragmatic and daring solutions for their robotic projects. Our vision is to harness the best of technologies by developing innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance industrial performance.

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