Robot space industry for high accuracy operation

Robot in space industry for high accuracy operations

Quality and traceability were major issues for our customer, we met its needs with a robot for the space industry !

Drawing on our technological and sectoral expertise, we supported this innovative client in its project with a robot for space industry solution ! 


To enable the production rate to be increased for high-value-added products, while ensuring quality and traceability at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Robot space industry for high accuracy operation

Customer issue

  • Managing repetitive and highly precise operations (around 5,000 parts to be inserted and screwed onto a single panel)
  • Dependence on highly qualified profiles
  • Adapting to quasi-unitary production
  • Managing large high-value parts
  • Adapting to a clean room environment
Insert deposition


  • Provide a end-to-end solution that ensures the precise positioning of inserts, by a robot, in front of a housing
  • Provide a reliable flush control technology
  • Provide unique advanced control software and intelligence for the synchronization of actions traceability, and security of satellite panels
Robot space industry for high accuracy operation


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