AKEOPLUS is focused on simplicity and cost-effectiveness by allowing modularity in streamlined industrial applications through the robotics software.

No-code programming

Entire industrial processes are built on the user-friendly interface with pre-designed blocks and actions.

AKEOPLUS is for everyone and goes straight to the point: so you don’t need to be a roboticist, developer, or programmer. Simple to understand and easy to use, reuse, and share with its self-explanatory program.

  • Cloud staging
  • Simulation
  • Deployment
  • Version control
No-code robotics allows the deployment of an automated system without robot coding
The power of robotic is accessible thanks to the no-code Akeoplus platform

Hassle-free robotics

AKEOPLUS finds the optimal robotic solution for the case-by-case needs and constraints. It recommends an optimized hardware set and streamlined actions and trajectories to meet a given industrial need.

This unique feature drastically reduces development time and integration and reconfiguration costs. Teams can focus on their added-value mission and develop new know-how.

  • Automatic configuration
  • Trajectory optimization
  • Hardware recommendations


The robotics software includes connectivity for shop floor data in order to be accessible from anywhere, on any device, through an easy-to-navigate system.

The custom dashboard provides decision-makers with visibility to assist them in managing production, quality, and maintenance operations. Processes can be continuously improved with realtime data visualization.

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Production supervision
  • KPI Analytics
Data visualization and cloud supervision for automated and robotized system
An accessible robot coding platform allows a flexible hardware integration


AKEOPLUS is encoded with a strong, core philosophy of versatility. It is designed to ensure easy integration of current and future tools and technologies.

It can be used to adapt solution integration to a wide range of hardware references. Robotic systems can quickly evolve in step with processes and company developments.

  • Hardware agnosticism : PLCs, robots, sensors, vision systems, tools, and much more.


Robotics can be easy until faced with a changing environment or new elements. AKEOPLUS automates unpredictable tasks with vision and/or AI.

Easily add appearance and dimensional control algorithms to the automated solution. 

  • Vision library interoperability
  • Smart vision systems
  • AI integration interoperability
No code robotic platform bring intelligence into robotic system
AKEOPLUS robotic software is connected to the shopfloor


Shop floor connectivity is included in the robotics software and platform with standard proven communications.

So vertical integration down to the shop floor avoids mistakes by streamlining applications:

  •  External hardware connection


Data and Intellectual Property are protected. Moreover, access is restricted and managed by admin profiles.

AKEOPLUS makes data management secure through systematic user authentication. It also keeps your know-how safe with smooth and seamless integration of new and future updates.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Audit trail
  • Role-based permission management
Robotics software has made the deployment of industrial robots easier and safer.
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From the simplest, most common projects to the most complex and unusual.
Get customized support from AKEOPLUS and / or work closely with the no-code community but also with peers. Share your technical feedback, successes, and obstacles.

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