Expertise studies

Akeoplus is the best partner to bring your company to the 4.0 industrial revolution.

Factory 4.0 expertise

Find the best way to reach new goals

Factory simulation

Determine your factory plant, your cycle time, the bottlenecks, the security zones, ...

Factory technologies

Integrate the latests innovative systems from Akeoplus and its partners in order to reach the best performances


Add smart vision to your systems

Artificial Intelligence

Make your system smart and collaborative

2D or 3D map algorithms

Industrial camera, stereoscopy, scanner, etc.

Non Destructive Control technologies

Thermography, EMAT, etc.

Depth sensor 

3D mapping and reconstruction, skeleton detection for human interaction.

Auto correction trajectories

Adapt the trajectories to the real shape of your parts.

Teach new task to your robot

With our collaborative robot, show them what they have to do.

Enhance task by itself

The machine will learn along with the collaborator to improve its process.

Sensors and Robots Integration

Give sensors and effectors to your system

Human Machine Interfaces

Perform real interaction between human and robots

Sensors at the edge of innovation

Depending on the application, we can integrate almost all the industrial sensors.

Industrial and collaborative robots

We work with all industrial robots. We select the best one for your system. 

Aunomous Guided Vehicules

We developped AGV to complete your system.

Intuitive and dedicated GUI

We develop specific interface dedicated to your application.

Mobile device interfaces

Get instant notifications and real time reporting of your systems during the cycle time.

Sensitive systems

With our last robot generation, rethink your security in a more collaborative way.. Discover our new way of interaction with our robots.

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