Staubli deburring robot is polishing a part

Automated deburring cell

This deburring robot was a first for our customer !

Drawing on our technological and sectoral expertise, we supported this innovative client in its project with the development and installation of a deburring robot.


To optimize human resources in the face of variable activity, highly qualified personnel, and a high level of difficulty in work

Automated polishing machine with deburring robot

Customer issue

  • Managing variability and adapting to small production runs, with very little visibility on customer orders
  • Limiting operations that are highly dependent on a highly qualified workforce
  • Significantly reduce all-manual operations, which are sources of RSI (problematic ergonomics of movements and extended sitting) and sources of dust (ATEX environment)

AKEOPLUS solution

  • Propose a technological solution to replace insofar as possible operations requiring a highly qualified workforce
  • Create an optimized robot/human co-working environment, allowing production in a healthy and certified environment
Staubli deburring robot is polishing a part


AKEOPLUS is a pioneer robotics company, using no-code robotics platform and engineering services. Our job is to turn no-code, robotics and innovation into lever for your productivity and industrial success.

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