Robotic line for the constitution of trays for overhead catering

The preparation of meal trays was a real challenge for this customer. We met its need with a robot in food industry !

Drawing on our technological and sectoral expertise, we supported this innovative client in its trays preparation project with a robot in food industry.


To smooth out the production costs of a highly seasonal activity while guaranteeing quality and hygiene

Sawyer Robot in food industry

Customer issue

  • Managing variability and adapting to small orders, with occasional peaks in activity

  • Ensuring the safety of operators working in the environment

  • Limiting manual operations, potential sources of product contamination

Robot in food industry for meal trays preparation

AKEOPLUS solution

  • Automate the placement of basic components of meal trays, handling both very small and large orders

  • Set up human-robot collaboration to enable production in a safe and healthy environment

Robot in food industry for meal trays preparation


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