Robotics innovation in pharmaceutical industry

Study for the automation of a complete freeze-drying area

This success story was a real innovation in pharmaceutical industry !

Drawing on our technological and sectoral expertise, we supported this innovative client in its project with a study for the automation of a freeze drying area.


To optimize production costs and ensure quality while managing the risks of contamination of medical products

Vaccine vials are filled in automated machines

Customer issue

  • Significantly reducing manual operations, which are potential sources of product contamination.

  • Limiting human intervention in an unfavorable working environment (protective suit, anti-noise helmet) requiring maximum vigilance

  • Increasing line productivity by parallelizing product flows

  • Ensuring the safety of operators in the face of co-activity problems in order to optimize the integration of the production line

Robotics innovation in pharmaceutical industry

Akeoplus Solution

  • Study and propose a redesign of the production flow, keeping some of the existing machines, and ensuring a safe environment for operators and products
AKEOPLUS augmented reality


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