Detection of foreign object debris (FOD)

FOD control was a major issue for this client in the aeronautics sector !

Drawing on our technological and sectoral expertise, we supported this innovative client in its project with the development and industrialization of a FOD control solution.


To ensure product quality with automated verification of the absence of foreign object debris in an aircraft electrical box

Fod Control foreign object damage

Customer issue

  • Reducing the arduousness of checking for foreign object debris, a source of MSD

  • Ensuring systematic, reliable, and repeatable quality control

  • Standardizing controls and making them adaptable to different types of products and configurations

  • Limiting operations that are highly dependent on highly skilled labor

FOD Control signal

AKEOPLUS solution

  • Robotic cell for product handling operations

  • Automation of the check by adding a high-sensitivity acoustic system to capture the sound generated by the foreign object

  • Advanced signal processing algorithms for acoustic anomaly identification

FOD dectection


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