Adaptive robotics for inpection on aeronautic part

Adaptive collaborative cell for large part inspection

This adaptive robotics project was a real innovation for our customer in aeronautics sector !

Drawing on our technological and sectoral expertise, we supported this innovative client in its project with a study for the control automation with adaptive robotics.


To speed up the inspection of large engine parts in MRO and improve ergonomics

Adaptive robotics for inpection on aeronautic part

Customer issue

  • All-manual inspection of large aircraft engine parts: impacts, scratches greater than 1/10th of a mm

  • 1 team required for 1 week to carry out all checks

  • High level of operator experience required, in a position where there is a shortage of candidates

  • Difficult ergonomics and high level of operator concentration required for long durations

  • Non-homogeneity of inspection between operators and between sites, semi-empirical decision of defect criticality

  • 4 part references to be processed

daptive robotics for inpection on aeronautic part

AKEOPLUS solution

  • Design and deploy a mobile automated system that automatically adapts to the part’s actual position and can serve several stations and several references
  • Ensure that the system is easy to use and in line with operators’ needs, thanks to a manual and an automatic mode
  • Facilitate operator decision-making by indicating and sending them directly to the potentially critical zones
Defect detection on aeronautic part


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