Predictive maintenance solution

This predictive maintenance solution was a real innovation for our customer !

Drawing on our technological and sectoral expertise, we supported this innovative client in its project with the development and industrialization of dedicated predictive maintenance solution.


Flexibility and automation of a previously extremely arduous exhaust pipe production process, allowing a change of references in a few minutes without modifications

Use case predictive maintenance solution

Customer issue

  • Coming up with a complete strategy to gain market share by offering new value-creating services

  • Offering a complete turnkey solution with a simple and innovative hardware and digital offering

  • Enabling customers to reduce downtime and energy consumption, and to increase their synthetic efficiency rate

AKEOPLUS solution

  • Improve the relevance of prediction for maintenance actions by adding artificial intelligence, while guaranteeing the security of the acquired data

  • Embed the intelligence as close as possible to the customer’s machines in order to secure production

  • Have a solution that can be easily integrated into customers’ different production environments

AKEOPLUS provides dedicated predictive maintenance solution dedicated to customer in plastic sector


AKEOPLUS is a pioneer robotics company, using no-code robotics platform and engineering services. Our job is to turn no-code, robotics and innovation into lever for your productivity and industrial success.

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