Joining the “Réseau 3R”

AKEOPLUS has joined the "Réseau 3R", bringing together companies with expertises in industrial robotics

What is "Réseau 3R" ? 

“The 3R Network is a non-profit association (Association Loi 1901) dedicated to serving its members, small and medium-sized enterprises (TPE and PME), specialized in Industrial Robotics. Operating on the principle that unity is strength, the mission of this network is to assist its members in their development through the pooling of skills, enabling them to enhance visibility, provide technical support to each other, collaborate on various projects, and participate cost-effectively in joint initiatives. The ultimate goal is to offer clients, our clients, experts at every stage of their robotic automation process” (

Logo Réseau 3R

What does AKEOPLUS bring to the network?

Our available skills for the network

Joining the “Réseau 3R” allows us, through our expertise, to enhance the already diverse range of skills within the network:

  • Software development,
  • Calculation and management of complex and/or constrained robotic trajectories,
  • Robot repositioning through sensor/vision,
  • Development of algorithms, AI, reasoning, and planning,
  • Studies in robotic safety, cobotics, mobile robotics,
  • Conducting tests, prototypes, and Proof of Concepts (1700m² of production space).