3D robot guidance simulation

Offline programmation and 3d robot guidance

This offline programming and 3D robot guidance software has evolved into a potent tool for our client

 Leveraging our technological and industry expertise, we assisted this innovative client in fulfilling their need for offline software for robotic programming and in the development of a 3D robot guidance tool.


Accelerate the programming of an assembly process to reduce commissioning costs

3d guidance robot for industry

Customer issue

  • Maximizing production equipment availability (continuing production during the programming phases of new parts)
  • Handling different types of parts without additional fixture costs
  • Ensuring proper tooling utilization to prevent any accidents or breakage

AKEOPLUS solution

  • Proposing a software solution for offline programming of 3D registration algorithms and robot trajectories
  • Enabling validation through simulation of the offline program
  • Ensuring the transfer to production of programs and 3D registration functions on actual parts
3D guidance robot
test at akeoplus for 3D guidance robot
"The entire system is functioning very well; the work has been remarkable. [...] The project manager is highly knowledgeable in his field"
Innovation Engineer


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