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AKEOPLUS, specialist in Industry 4.0, joins EFI Automotive

Akeoplus, an engineering company specializing in 4.0 services and solutions for industry, has announced that it is joining EFI Automotive, a leading French automotive equipment manufacturer. This operation allows Akeoplus to accelerate its development and EFI Automotive to constitute a unique offer in France, in order to meet the challenges of innovation in the sector and to accelerate its diversification beyond the automotive industry.

People standing in front of an office

Press release

Combining digital technology with industry to create the mobility of the future

The acquisition of Akeoplus by EFI Automotive was an obvious choice. Indeed, thanks to its skills in digital technology (IIoT, Artificial Intelligence), automation (mobile, collaborative and conventional robotics), and industrial security (data, products, and people), Akeoplus has positioned itself, in recent years, as a key partner of the 4.0 factory in France, able to respond to the specific problems of customers such as Stellantis (PSA), Airbus, Thales, Georges Pernoud, MGF Grimaldi, and Spie, etc.

However, the automotive sector is experiencing unprecedented technological and usage upheavals (the end of combustion engines in Europe in 2035, and widespread use of electric vehicles, connectivity, autonomy, sharing, new forms of mobility, etc.), which are leading all players in the sector to reinvent their model.

Digital technology is the cornerstone of this transformation, impacting every aspect of the sector, from vehicle design incorporating safety, comfort, and
environmental issues, through production, to the user experience. The challenges posed by the mobility of the future unquestionably place digital technology and AI at the heart of innovation.


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