Robotic riveting machine for aeronautic sector

Modular automated cell for fastening operations – Riveting


To help ramp up the Group’s production, while reducing the arduousness of jobs requiring a highly qualified workforce

Customer issue

  • Reducing the cycle time for crimping operations inside fuselages

  • Ensuring the ramp-up of industrial programs by dealing with a shortage of skilled labor requiring lengthy training

  • Reducing the arduousness of low-value-added crimping operations and reducing RSI (shoulder impact)

  • Adapting to the environment: restricted space, operator safety

Robotic riveting machine for aeronautic sector

AKEOPLUS solution

  • Bring real innovations during an R&D phase, and then a functional proof of concept to the different sites, and to validate the product concept on different production configurations
  • Produce an automated system in series, bringing modularity and productivity to the crimping operations
Robotic riveting machine for aeronautic sector


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