The Research and Development Project "Moov-IT" led by AKEOPLUS achieves significant success in response to the challenges of the Factory of the Future

The Research and Development project “Moov-IT,” carried out by AKEOPLUS – the 360° robotics agency – successfully concluded in September 2023 after three years of effort and collaboration. A major project that offers innovative and pragmatic solutions to the challenges posed by the Factory of the Future and industrial revitalization, especially in terms of flexibility and production line performance.

The Moov-IT project, initiated in 2020, was created with the aim of exploring solutions to address these challenges. In response, AIVs (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles) proved to be ideal candidates for optimizing intralogistics operations. A comprehensive mobile robotics solution was developed, implementing customizable AIVs to adapt to the specific needs and constraints of each industrial client. A significant innovation was also added: a “Smart Plug,” initially dedicated to recharging onboard batteries, was enhanced to enable data transmission through its contact pads.

To successfully carry out the project, a strategic partnership was forged with INRIA, the world-renowned National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology. This alliance enabled the development of complex algorithms, providing autonomous vehicles with the ability to be transferred and adapt to a new environment through an embedded perception and decision-making system.

The validation phase was crucial, with several weeks of testing at the Spanninga France site, a company specialized in lighting for bicycles and road signs. The AIV robot, deployed at the industrial site, significantly contributed to the automation of intralogistics, particularly through the autonomous handling of pallets. An enriching experience that demonstrated the ease of integrating the modular solution.

Moov-IT thus successfully concluded in September 2023: the support of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, under the leadership of Laurent WAUQUIEZ and Catherine STARON, was a key element of its success through active commitment to public-private partnerships in favor of research and innovation in companies, thereby creating value in the regional territory, and thanks to the Region’s R&D Booster program, a real cornerstone for project financing and development.

The success of “Moov-IT” represents a significant milestone in the quest for innovative solutions for the Factory of the Future. The AKEOPLUS teams are proud to have successfully completed this project, demonstrating their ability to meet the industry’s most complex challenges

Project Team